DM_24 Learners-Enrolled-in-private-schools-colleges-and-Technical-Vocational-Institutions-and-Technical-Education-and-Skills-and-Developmet-Authoroty
DM_25 Call-for-proposals-for-basic-education-research-fund-BERF-2018
DM_26 Exemption of Grade 12 SHS Batch 2018 top ten Honor Student’s from taking the Taguig City University Scholastic Achievement (TCU-SAT)

DM_54_s2017-3rd Division Musabaqah Skills Exhibition ALIVE Best Practices

DM_53_s2017-2017 Division Science fair DM_52_s2017-Data From the Different Divisions-on-the-Total Number of Enrolled-Students-in-All-Curricular Programs and Levels

DM_51_s2017-Continuous Improvement Program-CIP Symposium Completion Ceremony

DM_50_s2017-Action Research Coaching Session Batch 5-8

DM_34_s2017 – Corregendum to the List of Qualified Researches for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Research

DM – Imbitasyunal na Patimpalak ng Mataas na Paaralang SRCCMSTHS

DM – Conduct of the 2017 Division Schools Press Conference

DM – Conduct of Campus Ministry in Public HS

DM – Forum on Teacher Exchange Towards Global Citizenship Education

DM – Meeting – Science – August 16

DM – Rescheduled Regional Values Formation Seminar – Mary Help of Christian

DM – Redevolpment & Finalization of Fifty (50) TVL Learning Resources (LRs)

DM – Rescheduling of the GSP Council Board Meeting

DM_33_s2017 – List of Qualified Researchrs for the 5th SDO TAPAT Research Festival – Revised

DM – Division POP DEV Festival of Talents

DM – Schedule of Regional Evaluation of School Head Participants Application Projects

DM – Capacity Building for Career Advocates and Life Mentors [CALM]

DM – Facilitators Training on Parents Education Sessions [PES]

DM_33_s2017 – List of Qualified Researchers for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Research Festival

DM – Rescheduling of the Meeting of Implementers of SPFL Japanese

DM – 50th Anniversary of ASEAN DM – District Pop Dev Festival of Talents

DM – District Pop Dev Festival of Talents

DM – Special Meeting for Private School Paper Advisers

DM_32_s2017 – Election of Parent – Teacher Association Officers in Private Schools for SY 2017 -2018

DM – Welding Technology Training for EPP TLE Teachers

DM – Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2017

DM – Meeting of the Implementers of Special Program in Foreign Language – Japanese (SPFL-J)

DM – Final List of Participants to the Journalism Training for ES & HS School Paper Advisers

DM – Meeting Math

DM – Rescheduling of the Preliminary Meeting on the Conduct of the GTEC Pilot Test

DM – Transmittal of Information on Privates Schools Operating Without Permit or Reconstitution

DM – Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Seminar Workshop -re- Research

DM_29_s2017 – Submission of SY 2017-18 Calendar of Activities

DM_30_s2017 – Reiteration on Compliance to DepEd Order No. 36 s.2016 Until Repealed, Amended or Resc

DM – Demo Teaching in Science

DM – Release of National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) 2016

DM_31_s2017 – Schedule of Oral Defense of Action Research Proposal for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Rese

DM – Office Performance & Disaster Preparedness Mid-Year Assessment & Evaluation Workshop – LSB

DM – Regional Futsal Training Program for Public School Teacher Coaches

DM – 4th International Conference of the National Historical Commission

DM – Meeting of School ICT Coors – July 28

DM – Activities of the Special Program in Foreign Language – Japanese (SPFL – J) for the SY 2017-18

DM – Conduct of the Global Teaching of English Communication (GTEC) Pilot Test

DM – Submission of List of Untrained Teachers in the K12

DM – CID Schedule of Activities for August 2017

DM – Daluyong ng Musika – Ambon, Ulan, baha

DM – Meeting – Filipino – July 21

DM – MTAP Regional Intensive raining on Content for Teachers in Math

DM – Meeting – EPP TLE – July 25 & 26

DM – ALS Meeting – July 21

DM – Addendum – Taguig City Enrichment Program on Special Inclusive Education (Level 3)

DM – Meeting – SHS – July 20

DM_27_s2017 – Schedule of Oral Defense of Action Research Proposal for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Rese

DM – Alignment Revision & Finalization of the Impact & OHSP Modules

DM – MTAP DepEd NCR 6 Saturday Program of Excellence in Math for Regular Pupils Students

DM – 167th Birth Anniversary of Gat. Marcelo H. Del Pilar

DM – Meeting – Science – July 20

DM – Final List of Participants to the Basic Skills Training Workshop in Drawing & Painting

DM – Planning Meeting for the Division Schools Press Conference

DM – Preparatory Activity Schedules for the Forum on Teacher Exchange Towards Global Citizenship

DM – Forum of Curriculum Leaders in English & Team Building Activity

DM – Child Evangelism Fellowship Conduct of Values Education Class

DM – Enrosement of Catechists for the SY 2017-18

DM – Invitation Letter from CFC Educational Foundation

DM – Campaign for Character Education Tenacity

DM – Breakthrough Coaching & Consulting (BCCI)

DM – Armata Bianca Rosary Prayer Guide Distribution

DM – Public Health & Sanitation during the American Period – Apolinario Mabini

DM – 39th National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week

DM – Mary Help of Christians Crusade Schedule of Activities

DM – Mary Help of Christian Crusade’s Regional Values Formation Seminar

DM – International Seminar in Educational Management

DM – ALS Meeting on July 15 DM – Prep Meeting -re- Population Development FOT – July 15

DM – Prep Meeting -re- Population Development FOT – July 15

DM – Youth with a Mission (YWAM) School Campus Tour Advocacy & Campaign

DM – Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

DM – Issuance of Control Number on Training Certificates

DM – Trashion Show

DM – BSP – 2017 Poster Making Contest – Revised Mechanics & Additional Info

DM – BSP – Photo Journalism Contest

DM – BSP – Video Making Contest

DM – BSP – World Environment Synchronized Tree Planting

DM – Official Announcement 2017 Division Best Brigada Implementers

DM – Conduct of the 1st Periodic Test

DM – Journalism Training for ES & HS Paper Advisers

DM – Submission of Deficiencies of Pertinent Papers of Appointed Teachers

DM – Submission of 2017 Brigada Photos & Liqudation – Nida Dela Cruz

DM_26_s2017 – Schedule of Oral Defense of Action Research Proposal for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Rese

DM – Meeting of the Implementation of Pantawid Pamilya in Taguig City

DM – Writeshop on the Development of Exemplar Science Lesson Plans for Grade 7 to 10

DM – 2 Day Teachers Training on Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

DM – The Perkinspired Campus Tour & Advocacy

DM – Taguig City Enrichment Program on Special Inclusive Education SPED (Level 3)

DM – Seminar Workshop on Quality Assurance of Teaching & Learning Resources

DM – 1st National Convention & Seminar of DepEd PENS

Dm – Preparatory Meeting for the Conduct of the 3 Day Seminar Workshop on Quality Assurance of Learn

DM – Consolidated Reports on Incidents of Bullying & Child Abuse for SY 2016 – 2017

DM – Meeting in Drawing and Painting – july 26 to 28

DM – Meeting – Araling Panlipunan – July 7

DM – Sholarship Grants of University of Asia & the Pacific

DM – Meeting on July 11 -re- Evaluation Tool for SHDP Foundation Course Application Project

DM – Submission of Journalism Action Plan

DM – Inventory of Education Development Programs & Projects (EDPPs) & Management Capability Needs of Implementers

DM_24_s2017 – Schedule of Oral Defense of Action Research Proposal for the 5th SDO TAPAT Action Research Festival 6th and 7th Batch

DM – AP – Meeting – July 7

DM – Final Schedule of the 1st DepEd NCR K12 Confence

DM – Vacant Positions at DepEd NCR Region

DM – Meeting -MAPEH – July 4

DM – Launching of Hero Eskwela Program at ESVES DM – Meeting -MAPEH – July 4

DM – ACT NCR Faculty Club Meeting on July 14

DM – Street Dance Competition




 Reiteration of the Guidelines in the Evaluation of Applications for Government Authority to Operate Private Schools in Basic Education

(Regional Memorandum No. 016. s 2016 [Regional Memorandum No. 177, s. 2012])



ICT in DepEd TaPaT – Trainings and Workshop for Educators’ Rigorous Knowhow (Dep-ICT-Ed TaPat – T.W.E.R.K.)



DepEd Order 52 s. 2003;  51 s. 2002;   56 s. 2001   on  FIELD TRIPS

DepEd Email Administration & Deployment

DepEd Official Gmail ( Accounts for Creation and Resetting

Division Memorandum No. 15 s. 2015

Taguig – Pateros Teacher Academic Scheme During Rainy Season

Division Memorandum No. 159 s. 2014

TDC Joint Assembly of Leaders

Division Memorandum No. 157 s. 2014

Three-Day Training on Quality Learning Environment

Division Memorandum No. 156 s. 2014

K to 12 Training for Private School Kindergarten Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 155 s. 2014

Results of Civil Service Commission Assessment of Human Resource Management Practices of DepEd-Taguig City and Pateros

Division Memorandum No. 154 s. 2014

Transmittal of Digital Copies of Grades 3 and 9 Curriculum Guides, Learner’s Materials and Teacher’s Guide

Division Memorandum No. 153 s. 2014

Administration of the 2014 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT)

Division Memorandum No. 152 s. 2014

Conduct of Regional Caravan of Best Practices in Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao

Division Memorandum No. 151 s. 2014

Conduct of the 35th Metro Manila Young Writers Conference and Contest (MMYWCC)

Division Memorandum No. 150 s. 2014

Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference Schedule of Activities

Division Memorandum No. 149 s. 2014

35th Annual National Grade School Convention (Elementary Level)

Division Memorandum No. 148 s. 2014

ACT – NCR Union Regional Meeting

Unnumbered Memorandum

Regional Values Formation Seminar for Teachers  and Students

Division Memorandum No. 100 s. 2014

List of Employees with GSIS Refund

Division Memorandum No. 099 s. 2014

K to 12 Seminar/Training Workshop for Private School Administrators and Grade 3 Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 097 s. 2014

Submission of data gathering forms of the Enhanced Basic Education Information System [EBEIS]
for the end of school year 2013- 2014

Division Memorandum No. 088 s. 2014

GSIS UMID – Compliant Kiosk now available at the Division Office

Division Memorandum No. 071 s. 2014

2nd Round of GSIS UMID Card enrolment facility at the Division Office

Division Memorandum No. 053 s. 2014

Learner Information System [LIS] updatting of learner profiles for school year 2013 – 2014

Division Memorandum No. 043 s. 2014

Adoption of the Modified School Forms [SFs] for Public Elementary and Secondary School
Effective End of School Year 2013 – 2014